Up next Gaunt’s Ghosts and the Kedashi Swarms

So, mal wieder ein Beitrag von mir, aber in Englisch, da ich es schamlos von meinem Blog herüber kopiere 😉
Wenn ihr Interesse an mehr Hobby Zeug habt, schaut mal vorbei: The Slann’s Miniatures

So, just a brief update, I managed to build a squad for my Gaunt’s Ghosts, shown a bit earlier. Still need some GS, but other than that, it’s done and ready for priming.

wpid-20150508_222253.jpg wpid-20150508_222319.jpg wpid-20150508_222331.jpg wpid-20150508_222343.jpg wpid-20150508_222352.jpg

Minis are as mentioned from Victorias Miniatures, as well as some girls from Blight Wheel Miniatures. Big issue though, I’m not happy with the guns anymore. The Ghosts normally use an standard issue gun, so these kind of long shot guns are not really fitting with the rest (I have some tin-minis too). With the release of the bare rifle arms, I’m thinking of using them and my millions of Cadian guns instead. This would mean, that I need to order again, as well as waiting for it. The finished squad will act as Ghost squads later, which just happen to use better guns 😛 or so. doesn’t really matter, And while I’m waiting, I’m probably going to paint this squad, the command squad as well as the new minis from World of Twilight, which should arrive next week. I’ll do a nice review on them asap.

Also a quick mention: Both Vic’s and Blight Wheel have a really good customer service. I was missing some arms in my first order of Vic’s, but received a ton of extra bits and of course the missing arms with my second order 😀 Or I spent enough for extra bits 😉
Also the missing parts of Blight Wheels were sent out really fast, and they were very kind. Thx a lot to both!

That’s it for today, cheers
The Slann

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