FFG: Der Herr der Ringe-das Kartenspiel FAQ aktualisiert

Fantasy Flight Games hat das FAQ zu dem „der Herr der Ringe„-Kartenspiel aktualisiert. Folgende Dinge werden darin behandelt:

  • Updates have been made to all three sections of the FAQ (Card Errata, Rules Clarifications, Frequently Answered Questions), and a new section (Nightmare Variant) has been added. You can find the new content immediately by looking for the red text.
  • The one new card errata, Dol Guldur Beastmaster, was changed in order to draw a distinction between effects that happen before and after an attack resolves. This allows the card to work more intuitively, and in line with the original design intent.
  • In the Rules Clarification section, we cover a variety of topics. You will find entries that explain The Golden Rule in more detail, clarify the timing differences between Forced Responses and Responses, define game terminology such as “play” versus “put into play,” and more.
  • The new Nightmare Variant section provides players with step-by-step instruction how to play through this challenging game mode.
  • Many new Frequently Asked Questions have been answered, ranging from “Does the effect on Legolas place progress tokens on an active location, if there is one?” to “What happens to Banks of the Anduin if it is drawn as a Shadow card?”

Link: der Herr der Ringe-das Kartenspiel FAQ

Link: Fantasy Flight Games


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